Applied Sciences is a discipline of sciences that applies existing scientifi knowledge to develop more practical applications such as technology or invention:. The department of Applied Sciences is one of the largest departments at Keroka Technical Training Institute (KETTI) with a student population of over 900. The department was carved out from its mother department of Chemical Technology in the year 2008. It currently offers courses in Diploma and Craft Certifiate.

The department is also working on a Competency Based Education Training Curriculum (CBET) development in Science Laboratory Technology in collaboration with Curriculum Development assessment and Certifiation Council (CDACC) under the support of Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions (KATTI). All programmes are designed to provide practical skills to our trainees to make them fi into the world of work without need for retraining. All programmes are assessed by the Kenya National examination Council (KNEC). Graduates are well placed to pursue studies both in local and international universities. Cross cutting units such as Entrepreneur Education information Technology (IT) and life skills, among others, are offered to prepare the graduates for the world of work in any sector of the economy. The department, however, boasts of its graduates who are employed in research institutes, universities, colleges and schools as technicians. Food Technology graduates are employed in local and International food industries as technologists. Agriculture and Environmental students are employed in the renowned farms as well as the ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Natural resources and NonGovernmental Organisations. In summary, the department of Applied Sciences addresses the Sustainable Development (SDGS) in fihting against hunger through research improved Agriculture and food value addition. As a department, we thank God this far he has brought us. God Bless you all.

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