Welcome to the Department of Library Science.

Since its inception, the Department has steadily grown to offer programs right from diplomas. Its vibrancy has led to its growth both infrastructure-wise and in students and staff numbers.

The Department aims to be a center of excellence in the training of information science professionals by providing high quality education through teaching and research that is innovative, creative and is based on sound moral values. These guiding principles have enabled The Department to attract both local and international students who after graduation practice in varied information-based institutions in various capacities. Some of our graduates are employed by institutions such as the United Nations, hospitals, judiciary, law firms, insurance firms, banks, Kenya Revenue Authority, libraries and the records center, the National Museums of Kenya, and in government institutions just but to name a few. The teaching staff members have a wide range of research interests and continue to engage in world-class research in their areas.

As the Head of the Department, I take this opportunity to welcome all to KETTI and to the Department of Library Science where we believe in giving all “an equal chance to realize their full potential.”

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